Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Am I dreaming?

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There was something about him.  The way he laid in my bed.  I could hear him breathing, his breath smelled like alcohol.  I wanted to kiss him.  Was he awake? Or was he sleeping?  I coudln’t tell.

His arm was on my side.  We were facing each other nose to nose.  Should I reach in and kiss him or let him sleep.  It was too late!  I took too long contemplating.  He had stretched and preseed his soft lips against mine.  I finally had him where I wanted him…in my arms…in my bed!

But do I dare let him know I want him inside of me?  I kissed him back letting him know I wanted him to kiss me longer.  He rolled over on top of me, gave a sweet moan and continued to kiss me.  The most passionate kiss EVER!

His hand rested in mine.  Our fingers intertwined while the other stroked my hair.  I wanted to tell him how I was feeling at that moment—helpless, hopeless, scared, nervous yet at the same time excited.  But it wasn’t right to tell him things he didn’t need to hear.

So I bit my lip as he kissed my neck, gently licking making me want him more.  He bagan to move down my neck to my chest making me feel like I was the only think that mattered.  It was intense, hot, passionate!

Could this be happening?  

He continued to make his way down to my stomach, gently kissing and biting.  My hands gripped the  side of his head trying to stop him.  The biting was driving me wild as he moved further and further down.



I woke up!

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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