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An afternoon delight

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So B and I saw each other last night at the bar because I decided to get shitty drunk after dealing with E.  E has been an ass lately and I just felt like drinking!  Mind you, this is the first time B and I have seen each other since meeting.  

Camille being a great friend, decided to call B and tell him to meet  me at the bar.  GREAT!  I was feeling shitty about E, had the new interest coming to see me while drunk and I had called up J to come meet me too.  LOVELY!  This was going to be interesting.

So B came down and had to see me in rare form.  All I remember was kissing him goodbye (nothing too serious) and him saying he was going to call me tomorrow for an afternoon date…which is today.

Here is our first date:  He picked me up with his dog in the back of the truck around 11:30 am and we headed to Fort Funston.  We took the dog for a walk and talked the whole time.  This was the sweet part….there is this point in Fort Funston where you can stand kinda exclusively away from other dog walkers and look at a view of the ocean.  He took me to that spot and stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders.  He began to rub my arms since it was a little windy.  He then turned me around and kissed me!  SWEET!  Thank God he can kiss!  Anyway, it was cute.  After that, he took me out to sushi and then brought me home.

What a simple, sweet afterrnoon delight…I mean date!  Wouldn’t you say?


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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