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Surgery (Post op)

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I had my thyroid surgery on May 31st.   I have to admit, I was terrified to go under!  The anxiety before was horrible.  It’s not like I have never had surgery before.  Maybe it was the fact that it was cancer that they were removing.  Who knows.  But it was all overwhelming to me!  I thought I was going to break out into a raging cry.  I did cry a little bit but then my family being the way they are, started with the jokes and then that was when the nurse gave me something to put me in LALA land.  You know that land, right?  it’s a great place to be.    This was me right before then!

Then I was wheeled into the OR and out I was for the next three hours.  And then into my own private room…

This is me right after surgery!  I was in so much pain!  Adn the wonderful part was…they wanted me to swallow pain pills that were the size of a large mushroom!  I kid you not!  Talk about PAIN!  I had an IV in. Why not give me IV pain meds?  After a few oral meds, I aksked for the the IV meds.  Especially after they took off my bandage and I saw this…

My pain level went through the roof.  Those are clips, metal clips that are pressing the incision closed.  It hurt like hell.  No wonder I was in so mush pain.  Try putting one of those metal aligator clips on your nipples and tellme how you feel.  

But now that it is a few weeks later, I feel a lot better and have recovered wonderfully.  The inicision is tiny but noticable. 

I want to thank everyone who cared for me at UCSF and for all the family and friends that came to visit and bring me goodies.  You all made my recovery pleasant!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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