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The interview

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As many of you know, I have been unemployed for the past four years!  Not my choice, I might add.  You all know the story behind why so I will spare you from hearing it again.  

So now I am ready to join the working class once again.  I applied for four San Francisco County jobs as an RN still!  I mailed off those applications a week ago (on Tuesday).  On Thursday, I received a call from them stating they needed verification of my nursing license, certifications, etc.  Then n Friday, they phoned again asking for an interview for Monday, which is today.

I was so nervous going to the interview that I think I threw up in my mouth several times on the way there.  I haven’t had an interview in years or ever really.  I always just started a job.  Anyway, I get up to the office and the receptionist says, “Here are the questions they will be asking you.”  Are you kidding me was what went through my head.  It was like a test.  That is when my stomach dropped and I contemplated leaving before they came to get me for the interview.  I know…a little premature of me.  So I sat down and read over the questions.  The ones in the beginning were fine…asking about different experiences I have encountered.  And as I got to question 7 (there were 10) that is when I started to get more nervous.  The questions were now case scenarios and how would I handle them!  OH ME GOD!  I thought I was going to die.  I have been out of nursing for so long, I had no clue as to what to say.  

Then that is when the interviewer comes out to get me and takes me into the conference room where there are two other people.  I was SO NOT AWARE of the fact that this was going to be a panel interview.  So I sat down after the introductions and smiled.  And that is when the interview began.  AN HOUR LATER…it was over.

And I must say, I did quite well.  They will call me next week and let me know if I got the job or not .  I hope I do so I don’t have to go through another interview from hell.  I felt like I was on a game show.

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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