Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

I am a Princess.


So as many of you know, I have been casually dating someone for a few months.  Lately, he has been rude and inconsiderate for some reason.  And trust me, these are nice words I am chosing to use.  So on Monday, he tells me he is taking me out on a date as a belated birthday present to me.  He wouldn’t give me any details except the dinner part.

I had no idea what to expect or wear or where we were going/doing.  I was excited yet nervous at the same time.  So here is what happened….

He arrived at 5:30pm and showed up at my door with flowers (score 1 for him).   We headed to dinner to my favorite restaurant in Nob Hill (score 1 for him).  The best part was we found parking.  We sat down and he allowed me to order since I have been there a few times too many (score another 1 for him).  He ordered the wine and I ordered the food.  We enjoyed dinner, wine and each others company over great conversation.  

After dinner, we got into the truck and he still wouldn’t tell me where we were going.  He started driving and I am looking around trying to figure out where were we going.  I still had no idea!  The element of surprise was killing and he was loving it.  I looked over at him and he had this shit eating grin on his face.  He was loving the fact that I was clueless.  We found parking right away and began walking.  To where you might be asking?  To a comedy show (score another 1 for him).  After all the tension between us, a good laugh was all we needed.  It was perfect.  We sat down, had more wine and great laughs.  

After, since it was early, I decided to take him out for a drink at a local spot nearby.  We had another glass of wine and this was when he says, "There is still one more thing."  WHAT?  I thought that was the date.  But no!  To my surprise, he had one more thing planned.  

We head to my house and once inside, he tells me to take off my shoes.  A weird request, I know but I did it.  I thought I might get a foot massage.  I was sitting in the living room while he was scurring around.  He threw a log into the fireplace, turned on a Frank Sinatra CD, and came back with a present and more wine for us.  We sat on the couch and I opened my  present (score 1 for him) and had some wine.  Everything was absolutely perfect!!!!  I couldn’t believe this was the same person who I have been dating.  This person in my living room was someone I have never met before and I must add, I like this person a lot better than the one that has been around for the past few weeks. 

This is what topped off the date.  After I opened my present, he grabbed my hand, walked me to the center of the living room and danced with me (Score 10K for him) for a very long time.  It was the most romantic, mysterious, unsuspected date ever.

Let’s just see how long this version of him stays around.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “I am a Princess.

  1. some one once told me i only believe what i want to no matter what is told to me. i dont believe that to be true. so i tell you now hoping you are not that way, that the guy you wrote about in this blog is the same guy who went to your house on monday night. so believe what you want. just know that even a good intention can have a negative result. that is the truth

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