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My current obsessions

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Since I complained about Myspace, it got me thinking.  What am I currently obsessed with?  So here is a list of things:

1.  The Secret:  I watch it often and truly believe in it.  So far, it has worked in my favor.
2.  Getting a job
3.  I am determined to publish:
        a.  A Mushroom Cookbook (currently working on the recipes with E)
        b.  A Children’s Book (already have some written)
4.  Learning how to pole dance.  NO!  Not to become a stripper but it is a good form of exercise and does something for the sex appeal. Plus, it’s an added bonus for the special someone.  TRUST ME!
5.  Continue with belly dancing
6.  Thinking of some wild crazy invention.  I know it sounds silly but…
7.  Buying a house or buying the one I am currently living in.
8.  Making at least $100,000 my first year of working, which doesn’t seem impossible.
9.  Having no debt.  My school loans have decreased considerably and credit card debt will be gone shortly.
10.  Sky diving…I want to do it at least once.
11.  Learning how to ballroom dance like Dancing with the Stars.
12.  Buying a plasma TV for my room.
13.  Winning over that special someone.
14.  The smells of lavender and vanilla.
15.  Making sure the people around me are happy!
16.  The color cranberry/cardinal red.  I have no clue why!
17.  Wanting to paint my room.
18.  Cooking, especially Italian dishes.  I think I might have been Italian in another lifetime.
19.  Cheese and seriously that is all I have to eat in my refrigerator.
20.  And last  but not least, TIVO!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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