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I left for San Diego this morning at 6AM.  Best friend, Kimberly at the wheel driving her Blazer.  I was in the passenger seat for the entirety of the the trip, Kimberly insisted on driving.  Fine by me but do you know how uncomfortable it is to sit in a seat for 7 hours when you have a back problem?  Talk about discomfort.  

I have made this drive several times but this one was different for some reason.  Maybe because it was the first time Kimberly and I drove down together.  But it was amazing.  Forget about the scenery and what was around us.  Yes, I know, it’s calm and pretty on the drive down, minus the stinky cow farm.  The hills, the mountains, the farmland, the crops, the green grass and not so green grass, yadda, yadda. 

But the amazing thing was Kimberly and I didn’t even listen to the radio.  It was on in the background but not to tune into to.  We TALKED for 7 hours as if we hadn’t seen each other in months.  Mind you, I had just seen her a few days earlier.  It amazes me that someone who has been my best friend since I was a little girl (when I say little, I am talking about 1 years old) and I can talk for so long!  Everyone asked me, “What the hell did you two talk about?”  The questions should be what didn’t we talk about.  We told stories, discussed life and relationships, talked about people in our lives, about the future, about silly things which will come up in a blog or two later.  We talked openly about whatever we wanted and that it what was so amazing.  I learned something new about her after all these years.  It’s funny how people change and how Kimberly and I grew up literally in front of each other.  I look forward to the drive back…

I guess that is why she has the title of My Best Friend!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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