Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Words people say wrong….

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While on vacation in San Diego,  Kimberly and I created a short list of words people commonly mispronouce or words that I simply just wrong.  Some are funny, some are just simply annoying and ignorant.  

1.  supposibly instead of supposedly (sorry B…I had to do it)
2.  libary instead of library
3.  smallen was a word Kimberly said on the drive down
4.  potable water was something we read on the tank on the ride down and thought it was funny.  What exactly does that mean anyway?
5.  lumpcious came out of my mouth instead of scrumpcious when talking about a guy
6.  gotten was a word my sister argued was NOT but I was right and thought I would add it to the list anyway because I don’t think people use it enough (even though Kimberly used it later in the week)
7.  Valentime instead of Valentine.  Come on people, it’s with an “N” NOT an “M”
8.  Aks instead of ask.  Enough said on that one!
9.  Idear instead of idea (thanks E)

Can you think of any other words to add to the list?

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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