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What’s in a name?

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This is my name portrait.  I read it in a book called The Name Book.  It describes how names define your personality.  Do you agree or disagree with my profile?  Most things I agree with, but there are some things I disagree with.  I will tell what in a different post!

Personality type: Tenacious Contestant
Element: Earth
Mineral: quartz
Animal: Leopard
Plant: Pear Tree
Sign: Taurus
Color: Red

You are independent, exceptionally active, and have strong yet inscrutable emotions.  Like the leopard, I you are at once valorous and ferocious, as aggressive as you have to be to get what you want in the world.  Once you have attained a goal, almost nothing in the universe can make you give it up.  Underneath your outwardly assertive nature, however, there is a sweetness and tenderness, not unlike your totem plant, the sturdy pear tree, whose fruit is soft and nourishing.

In spite of your tenancity, you are an introvery by nature, difficult to get close to and somewhat explosive of temperament.  Though you make judgements with thoughtfulness and perspicacity, you give no quarter and show little clemency once you’ve decided that someone is the enemy.  You can become fearfully obstinate, which is a consequence of your powerful will.  Your natural activism can turn to fanaticism.  You tend to oppose other people at times simply for the sake of it, and with that tendency comes a propensity to project your own explosivesness onto other people.

What you do, you do it passionately.  You enjoy competition and if there’s no one else to compete with, you’ll find a way to surpass your own last achievement.  You assume an excellent attitude toward your work and have a great sense of responsibility and authority.  You are especially drawn to careers that involve conflict: medicine or medical research, pharmacy, politics, labor organzing, business management, or the military.  If there is a feminist organization nearby, you are undoubtedly active in it, if for no other reason that to prove your own worth.

Since the straight and narrow path is yours, you put little faith in good intuition.  You rely on sturdy calculation rather thatn the savory fruits of your inner vocie.  Still, it is there, to be  heeded, if and when you feel you need it.

You have a broad and direct perspective of things that is holistic rather than analytical.  Still, at times it seems that your intellect works in an analytic mode because you can be frighfully calculating.  You can be dryly witty in your observations; your mind is like an arrow, precise and sure of its target.

No one would ever accuse your of being a maudlin sentimentalist.  You keeo your strong emotions under control until the proper moment, and you are not very free with your sexual charms.  You tend to scorn the “animal nature” of man and are ver discreet in your shows of affection and desires.  Propriety plays a big part in your emotional life, though at times it leads you to serious inhibitions sexually.  Once a lover lives up to your often incredibly high standards, he will receive your affection, but you will never be possessed.  Most likely, you will dominate any relationship; if you do not have at least equal standing, you tend to become pssimistic and depressed or frustrated.

You simply will not give into sickness or fatigue.  Still, you have to recognize that your physical well-being cannot be controlled by your will, and though you have considerable stamina, you tend to psuh yourself beyond your limits.  When you don’t know when to stop and rest, you can be subject to fevers.  Your weak points are your liver and genitals.

The company you keep is composed of people with artistic or literary talents and ambitions- you seem to be drawn to such people naturally.  Most likely, your social gatherings also include people of political convictions as well as co-workers.  In short, yours are lively, intellectually stimulating parties, much like the nineteenth century salons at which all manner of artistic and political subjects are mulled over at length.  You tend to keep a firm hand over the proceedings, however, and see to it that no gets out of hand.  You can be very supportive of those in whom you have faith- and once glance or tilt of the head can let someone else know that he or she is no longer welcome in your refined circle.  Still, to those whom you do admire and appreciate, you are a warm and gracious hostess, a steady admireer, and an arch defender.

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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