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TV shows

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I am sick sitting in bed and started thinking about shows I used to watch back in the day.  Kimberly and I started a list on the car ride home from San Diego.  Let’s see how many of these shows you remember watching.  These are in no particular order.

1.  Silver Spoons
2.  Punkie Brewster
3.  Facts of Life
4.  Different Strokes
5.  Mork & Mindy
6.  Double Trouble
7.  Gowing Pains
8.  Who’s the Boss?
9.  The Love Boat
10. ChiPs
11. Perfect Strangers
12. Bosom Buddies
13. Fantasy Island
14. Laverne & Shirley
15. Happy Days
16. The Golden Girls
17. Eight is Enough
18. Wonder Years
19. Blossom
20. Mr. Belvedere
21. Webster
22. ALF
23. Dukes of Hazard
24. Small Wonder
25. 21 Jump Street
26. Kids Incorporated
27. Knight Rider
28. Little House of the Prairie
29. Miami Vice
30. Moonlighting
31. My Sister Sam
32. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
33. Rags to Riches
34. T.J. Hooker
35. Saved by the Bell
36. Romper Room
37. Square Pegs
38. Gimme a Break
39. Three’s Company
40. Family Ties
41. 227
42. Brady Bunch
43. Full House
44. Magnum PI
45. The Jeffersons

I know there are a lot more shows out there, but these are the ones I got into. The question is, can you remember the theme songs from these shows?  Kimberly made me laugh on the way home because she remembered so many of them and was singing them to me!  Frickin’ hilarious!


Author: Michelle

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One thought on “TV shows

  1. Better ones
    Here is my list.
    Brain Games
    You Can’t Do That on Television
    Price Is Right
    Star Trek
    Kung Fu

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