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I have been sitting at home all day with our friendly PG&E crew!  They came here at 7AM and are still HERE!  They are replacing the gas lines in the entire neighborhood.  This is the part that gets me….NO GAS!  Do you realize how much we depend on gas?  I didn’t realize how much of it I used until today.  

I went to make breakfast and guess what?  I couldn’t use my GAS stove!  Have you ever tried making eggs in a microwave?  I don’t recommend it at all.  At least I had my coffee (Thank GOD the electricty was on!).  My dumb ass (yes, I will admit to it) did a load of laundry and didn’t realize (or it didn’t cross my mind) it would eat up most of the hot water in the house.  HELLOOOOO (I should have been a blonde today)!  I forgot that the pilot light would be out as well and there would be NO hot water regenerating in the water heater. So when I finally decided to take a shower, it was luke warm and went to cold within minutes.  Can you say FREEZING!   What a pain in my ass this has been.  Naturally, I thought they would be finished in the early evening, so I planned to make dinner for me and B before heading out this evening.  But they are still outside, clanking away and I couldn’t make dinner!  We walked down the street to grab a bite to eat and he has now left to go out and guess what? 


But there has to be an upside to this situation. Right? So here it is:  Some of the PG&E crew are cuties!  So how can I be mad?  They are a site to look at.  Maybe I should go out there and flirt with them so they could wrap it up, relight my pilot light and let me loose out of this cage I call home (just for today).


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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