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Cartoon CRAZY

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Do you remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons?  It was the only time we were allowed to watch them.  For some reason, on the way home from San Diego, Kimberly and I started creating lists of things, starting with TV shows we used to watch when we were younger (which I posted in another blog).  Here is another list….the Top 20 cartoons we watched when we were younger.

1.  Scooby Doo  
2.  Smurfs  
4.  The Flinstones
5.  Richie Rich
6.  The Jetsons
7.  Alvin & the Chipmunks
8.  Ducktales
9.  The Littles
10. Tom & Jerry
11. Bugs Bunny & Friends
12.  Garlfield & Friends
13. Heathcliff
14. Inspector Gadget
15. Jem
16. Popeye
17. Davey & Goliath
18. Dennis the Menance
19. Fraggle Rock
20. Transformers

Which ones did you you watch?

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