Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Bulimic Cat!


My cat, Rusty, is bulimic.  Everytime I feed her, she eats and eats and then throws up. Most of the time she eats Frankie’s (the other cat) food that was left behind.  Even the food that falls on the floor, she will eat!  I am tired of coming home or waking up in the morning to undigested food on my kitchen floor.  She just won’t stop throwing up!  Now, I know she is fluffy, but these are NOT hairballs people!  The hairballs, I get!  

Damn cat!  

But you have to admit, she is a cutie!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “Bulimic Cat!

  1. this will sound strange, but you may want to try this…. Give her between 1/2 to a whole teaspoon of butter a day… and it should (if it works like it should) pretty much stop that from happening… then you can cut down how much you give her to every couple of days or even once a week… judging on her reactions… may not work, but normally does 🙂
    if it doesnt, she may have a digestive track issue that only a vet can help you on… but if she keeps getting sick it will deteriate her teen and esophagous lining and such if it really is a prolonged issue…

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