Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Too early for drama

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It was barely 7:00AM before the accusations, argument and tension unfolded.  Way too early for any sort of major discussion about feelings or intentions.  It amazing how one little statement I made could send someone so ever the edge that they would raise their voice at me, speak unnecessary, bitter, angry, false statements and storm out like an immature child (for the second time).  I just don’t understand how, no matter what the disagreement is about (it could be about something silly like an iPod), it always comes back to the same subject of the ex boyfriend E!

For the love of God, I am so tired of having the same argument over and over again.  You couldn’t have  been more wrong about the statements you made before you stormed out of here!  

Sorry I didn’t chose my words more carefully so you wouldn’t blow everything out of proportion.  
Sorry I didn’t say the right words to you…the words you wanted to hear.
Sorry you went to bed upset with me.
Sorry you feel I am using you to get to him.
Sorry you feel like I treat you like shit.
Sorry I feel like sex ins’t the solution to everything…to making up.
Sorry you feel like I don’t care.
Sorry you left so angry on this beautiful morning.

What happened to  the conversation we had the other week to just let things be and not question anything because it makes things slighty complicated and confusing?  
What happened to “lets just enjoy each others company and see what happens?”  I beleive those were your words.
What happened to “lets just have fun?”
What happened?

Why can’t things be simple?  When did dating someone become so complicated?  When did dating someone become a game of 21 questions?  When did dating someone become “I need to know everything you are thinking or feeling at any given moment?”  Is there a rule book out there.  Maybe I should write a book on “How to Act While Dating” or “Handbook on Dating 101.”  Or better yet, maybe I should just not be dating.  Is it time for me to be by myself in peace and serenity?  I don’t have all the answers unfortunately.

All I know is this:  It’s too early for drama and too much drama for not even being in a commited relationship.

What to do? Oh yeah, now I have to go figure out how to texture a damn wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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