Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Being selfish is a bitch!

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Have you ever felt you have given way too much of yourself to one person?  That you lose sight of who you really are and what you really want?  It’s a one way relationship and you are the only one who continuously gives everything you have and are.  You give your whole being to this person to watch yourself disappear into their existence.  You give this person everything you think he needs and wants.  And he has no problem taking it all!  He will take everything…even the air you breathe in his presence  (and I don’t mean taking your breath away either).  He will suck the life out of you because he is good at taking what he wants. 

You think you are the only one who is deflated but there are others too.  Maybe one, two, or even three others who are falling victim to his selfish ways.  He is getting what he wants from every person he choses to mingle with.  You would like to think you are the only one he wants.  And you are at that moment in time.  For that brief moment, he will grace you with his presence, his sense of humor, his charming ways, maybe even his cooking.  But what it means to you is something completely different from what it means to him.  It means nothing significant to him.  Nothing substantial. 

He is like a knight in shining armor….will sweep you off your feet but in an instant will turn into Mr. Hyde and leave you high and dry with nothing but tears in your eyes because for some reason, you just thought that maybe things were different, things were a little bit more special between the two of you than all the rest.  Trust me…you are just adding to the fuel that keeps him going because you will be nothing more to him than just a person in his chaotic, rampage selfishness. 

It must be tiredsome living a lie! 

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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