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Dog filled day

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I have to say yesterday was by far the most odd day I have had in a long time yet quite enjoyable.  Who would have thought going to a doggy birhday party would turn out to be such a hoot.  Well it was!  The fact that so many people can gather at a bar, bring their dogs, drink, eat, and mingle all for Donut’s Birthday Party.  Side note: Donut is a bulldog who turned one yesterday!  Any excuse to drink on a Sunday afternoon! Right?  

Just when you thought you couldn’t drink anymore since you just spent 5 hours at a bar for a dog party, you move on to the next bar where you continue to drink.  I believe the girls united over a cocktail called “Fuck Em, I’m the Shit!”   Gee, what do you think that has to do with?  What a yummy drink that was and I think I had two too many pints of that one!  Funny how all the girls were anti-men last night bonding over drinks but then slowly, out of nowhere, one by one, the men or should I say boys walked in through the bar doors.  First J, then T, then E.  Did we all put out some sort of secret morris code, some sort of transmission when we toasted  to our creative new “Fuck ‘Em, I’m the Shit” drink?

I think we did!  What an impact a group of strong women can have!  

Oh, oh!  I almost forgot…here is the weird thing about yesterday too.  I think E and I became godparents to Little Nibbler (C’s dog)!  What does that entail?  I have no clue!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

One thought on “Dog filled day

  1. OMG! That is hillarious… lol

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