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E and I had a conversation the other day about stuff (that is NO ONES business) and it made me start to think about things.

Do you ever keep things bottled up for the sake of others or for yourself because you feel vulnerable if you were to actually say it out loud or you fear what the outcome may be of your words?  Here are things I should have said to people but either never have, never will or will never have the chance to say.

1.  You are my soul mate.  I should have married you.  I know I messed up and I am truly sorry but you will forever be in my heart.

2.  I haven’t met you yet but for some odd reason, we have this connection that makes me love you dearly.  I wonder if we will ever have the chance to meet.

3.  I cheated on you every chance I had and I don’t regret any of it!

4.  You are strong and outspoken.  No one compares to you because you are unique, different and special in my eyes.

5.  I don’t agree with some of your decisions but I will support you no matter what because I love you to death.

6.  You are beautiful, amazing and strong willed.  There are times I am envious but having you in my life makes me stronger.

7.  Get over it already.  It will never be with you two.  He obviously is just not that into you.  You are wasting your time if you think otherwise.

8.  You are just a rebound that won’t go away.  You are kinda like a psycho, stalker but I am sure you know this.  
9.  You are thoughtful, attentive and affectionate.  I thought these things would never be possible again but you have shown them to me.  I really do care even though I act otherwise.  If it were a different time, I could fall in love in with you.

10.  I know you feel like I am wasting my life away and need to get a move on.  Only if you could see all the progress and changes I have made.

11.  I miss what we had…the good ole days where things were simple.  We have this bond that doesn’t exist between any of your other “girl” friends and it makes me feel special.

12.  You have this essence about you, this peaceful, content look always.  Your eyes twinkle and your smile shines every time I see you.  I want to feel like that too.

13.  The bottom line is…I love you, always have, always will!  I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing you!

I was debating after writing this list whether to state who each statement is directed to but then I thought…NAH! I am sure those who are reading it can figure it out for themselves.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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