Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

I wanna talk about me…

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I am: beautiful and independent
I need: to finish my bedroom
I want: to be fluent in Spanish
I wish: homelessness didn’t exist
I feel: the need for change
I hate: calamari
I love: you
I can’t handle: rejection
I miss: the time when things were a lot easier
I think: everyone should sing really loud to thier favorite song in the car
I am allergic to: absolutely nothing
I will: get everything I want and more
My hands are: somewhat dry
When I am alone: I tend to blog
My hair: is admired by most
There is a thin line between: sexy and slutty
The future:
is full of possibilities
It’s funny how: people can be so selfish
I cried: on Tuesday and I will not cry again about it
My shoes: are mostly comfortable
I think porn: can add a little something extra to you sex life
When I was little: I was mean
I like my jeans: to fit!
I prefer: the left side of the bed
I remember: when you first kissed me
This one time: in band camp, I shoved a flute…
I love it when: I laugh so hard, I cry
The best revenge is: to say nothing at all
I lied because: the truth will hurt you
Movies: are fun when you are watching it with someone
Love at first site: does no exist.
No one: can get in the way of what I’m feeling for you
Hotels: can be fun and dirty at the same time
Throwing up: makes you feel so much better
My biggest fear: not accomplishing all that I want in my life
Fear is: something everyone should conquer
Money: makes the world go round
All I ask is: my family and friends are happy and healthy


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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