Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

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My chest feels like there is an elephant sitting on it.  When people come into the ER and they explain that to us, us being medical professionals, we take that as a sign of a heart attack.  Now I know I am not having a heart attack because if I was, I would not be blogging at this moment…I would be calling 911.  I also know that I am not having a heart attack because I think my blood viscosity is way too thin from the wine I drank this evening.  

So to restate my point, I feel like I smoked a pack of cigarettes today, which I didn’t because I quit two months ago, thank you very much!  I know, no need for applause.  So what is this feeling in my chest?  I have no idea!!  But it is kinda annoying.  It is like a gnawing feeling, almost nervous or stress feeling.  I got it!  It’s the feeling you get right before you are about to cry.  Funny thing is,  I have no reason to cry and there are no tears rolling down my face.  

So back to the beginning…I have no explanation for the tingling feeling inside my chest.  

Sorry this was pointless.  Just thought I would say this before I hit the hay.  

Good night Irene!  Don’t ask who Irene is either. 

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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  1. Aww… yep… i know that feeling… hate it with a passion, but i know the one….
    sucks huh?

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