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Ode to Pa!

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Someone so fragile yet with so much energy.  Some would call him cranky, others crazy.  But I found him to be quite amusing in the short few years I have known him.  I saw him often and frequent when E and I dated.  Not so much these days though.  Every encounter we had, he never seemed to remember who I was or why this strange woman was in his house eating dinner with him.  That’s because he has Alzheimer’s.  I have only known known him with Alzheimer’s.  Never had the chance to know him without it.  So every time I saw him, it was as if he was meeting me for the first time.  I would sit through dinner and hear him tell the same stories over and over again.  And I would listen eagerly as if it was the first time I have heard them.  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings since it was the first time we met. Wink!  Our visits however always ended the same way.  I would kiss him on his bald head and tell him to behave.  And every single time, he would smile and his eyes would sparkle.  I even think I saw him blush a few times.

He may not be my blood relative but I consider him family.  You see, I never knew either of my grandparents.  They all passed before I was born.  I believe I met my maternal grandmother once and she passed soon after.  So it was only natural, when I met E’s grandparents, I would fall in love with them instantly.  Who wouldn’t?  They are the most adorable, amazing couple I know.  I want to have a love like theirs.  One that lasts a lifetime.  They have been married for 64 years!  Yes, that’s right.  64.  Now that is amazing.  No matter how much Pa drives Mimi crazy, by refusing to eat, constantly asking if you want a drink, misplacing something, fixing things that weren’t broken or calling her a cheat at cards, she still loves him with her whole being.

It definitely will be a sad day when they are no longer with us but  I have to say this:  They are the grandparents I never had.  I love them as if I have known them my entire lifetime.  They are dear to me in many ways.  They give me inspiration and hope that I too will have a love like theirs.  I too want to grow old with the love of my life at my side, baking Mimi’s biscotti recipe weekly just like she does and having no worries in the world beside what to make for dinner or when BINGO is.

 You definitely will be missed when it’s your time but never, NEVER  forgotten in the hearts of those you have touched and you have definitely made your mark in mine.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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