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Feeling like part of the family

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You were nowhere to be heard or seen.  Haven’t spoken to you in a couple of days.  But it didn’t stop me from thinking about you and your family and everything that is going on.  So needless to say, I was shocked when Mimi phoned me today while I was at work and asked me to stop by your mom’s house to visit with her.  Of course I did!  I went by and took her to see Pa and stayed with her at the hospital during the visit.  I wasn’t expecting to see Pa again but it was a pleasant surprise to see him and spend some more time with him and Mimi together.  The visit was brief and we were back at your mom’s. 

The afternoon proceeded on and then the afternoon turned to evening.  That was when Ern asked me to stay for dinner.  Of course I would.  I love spending time with your family.  Your mom finally came home.  That was when the drinking began.  I drank red wine and she made some Jameson concoction.  We sat at the kitchen table and talked about Pa, her, you, us, the house, the puppies.  We even shed a few tears together.  I felt like part of your family for the first time in a long time.  Your mom even thanked me for being there for you and Mimi.  And Ern even chimed in he wanted a new daughter in law.  Don’t worry.  He had a few beers in him!  (I lost count).    Your mom’s response was she was glad that we have developed this friendship where we can rely on each other.  And even if we don’t work things out, at least we have that.  I don’t think your mom is quite ready to let you leave “the nest.”  As she added you are just not ready for that right now.  DUH!  Did she forget who she was taking to?  Funny thing is, besides your mom, I think I know you second best.  You and your mom are A LOT ALIKE!  Did you know that?  I can definitely learn a lot from our chats.  I think I understand you a bit more after talking with your mom this evening.

Anyway,back to the point at hand.  Sorry, I side track easily.  The part that got me the most…I was invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with you and the rest of the family.

Regardless if you were there or not and regardless of what the future holds for us, I still felt like I was part of your family this evening.  And that meant something to me!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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