Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

A little advice to you.

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People in their thirties really should not have to be dealing with immaturity, do they?  You would think by now, all the games and gossiping would be done and over with at this point in your life.  No more drama.  People by now should have matured and grown up.  Everything should be smooth sailing.  Right?  WRONG!  (I guess that is what happens when you hang out with immature people in their twenties).

It is amazing what you find out from people when they have had enough alcohol in them.  After all, aren’t drunk words sober thoughts?  So, when hearing this evening that a certain someone is making not so accurate statements about me really got me upset.  Why?  One, I believe the statement is NOT true about me and two, I believe the statement IS true in regards to this said person.  I could get really vicious and start desecrating this persons reputation but I AM the mature person here in this situation.  Just know that you really don’t want to get on my bad side because I can make your life not so pleasant.  I would love for you to get intoxicated and try having a conversation with me to tell me what’s really on your mind since right now, I really don’t believe and haven’t believed a damn word that has ever come out of your mouth in the short time I have known you.

So word of advice to this person, if you want to talk about what the issue or should I say the problem REALLY was, tell it to my face and not to other people.  It’s just really immature when I have to hear it from a third party.  And then we can clarify the issue at hand.  Not what was all in your head!!!!!!!!  And for my satisfaction and for the record, you were the problem, not me.

I feel so much better!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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