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People can be quite judgmental about you, especially when they do not know you, haven’t met you or even had a conversation with you.  Or they think they know you from “stories” they have heard from other people but how accurate are those stories to begin with?  They are quick to judge based on your looks or behavior or interactions with others.  People who I have now become friends with have brought to my attention that when they first saw me, they were intimidated by me.  Or that they thought I was a bitch.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be a bitch when I want to be.  The thing is, after people get to know the real me, they always say the same thing, “You are not who I thought you were when I first met you.”  So this is for all those people who have never met me, who are quick to judge, who are snooping on my blog and yes, it’s for you too.  This is the real me.

1.  I forgive very easily. 
2.  I will tell you exactly what I am thinking if you ask the right questions.
3.  I am brutally honest.  So don’t ask me something unless you want to hear what I really have to say.
4.  I am strong willed.
5.  I care too much about significant people in my life.
6.  I would drop anything to help a friend/family in need.
7.  I give baked goods as gifts.
8.  I really don’t care if there are people out there who don’t like me.  It doesn’t phase me one bit.  I don’t have the need to want to be liked by everyone.  It’s just unrealistic.
9.  The reason I have a lot of male friends is because I am like one of the guys.  I am just cool like that.
10.  People can confide in my about anything and not worry that so and so will find out.
11.  I have the need to take care of people. To nurture them.  It must be the nurse in me.
12.  I am funny.  Yes, I have a sense of humor.  Even though it my be warped at times.  I also have a lot of inside jokes with people which always seems to make them smile at the right moment. 
13.  I have great naturally curly hair.  Wouldn’t want to have it any other way,
14.  I am well educated and paid for my education (undergrad and grad school) without the help of my parents.  And for that I am proud.
15.  I am an excellent cook.
16.  I play a mean game of Texas Hold Em.  Don’t underestimate my skills just because of my beauty and boobs.
17.  I am a fabulous dancer.
18.  I am hardly ever wrong and when I am, I will admit it.
19.  I am street smart.
20.  People come to me for medical diagnoses and I always seem to have an answer.
21.  I love watching sports and going to sporting events.
22.  I am a kitchen whore.  In a good way!  I can shop for kitchen gadgets, appliances, utensils, etc all day.
23.  I have a pen obsession.  Maybe it’s all the charting I have to do.
24.  Just because I may look tough on the outside, I am a softy on the inside.  I hurt too you know.
25.  I have need to make lists.  Check things off as I complete them so I can feel accomplished.
26.  I hate a messy house.  If my house is a mess, I don’t feel at ease.  That is why my house is always clean.
27.  I never remember my dreams for some reason.  But the ones I do remember, I would like to forget.
28.  I have tons of acquaintances  but only a select few I chose to call my true friends.
29.  I am stubborn at times.
30.  I am moody, especially when I am tired or hungry.  It comes with being a cancer.
31.  I talk too much when I have been drinking.
32.  I am a great listener.
33.  At night, I would rather hold someone than have them hold me.
34.  Every relationship I have been in, I have learned something from.
35.  I am beautiful on the INSIDE and out.

This list could go on but I have to end it sometime….


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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