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Did you know that the average person will gain 7lbs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? 

Here is my situation:  Within the past year and half, I lost 25lbs.  It is amazing what breakups can do for your body.  Forget about “Milk does a body good.”  I say, “Breakups do a body good.”  Ok.  I know it is not the healthiest way to lose weight but depression does that to you.  So I lost 25lbs and gained back five after my thyroid surgery, which is to be expected.  My weight will always be fluctuating for the rest of my life since I am missing that one important organ that regulates your metabolism.  Lucky me!  Anywho, the five pounds was no big deal to me because I was stuck there for months.  Five pounds is the window I allow myself because it is an easy amount to lose.  But now that Thanksgiving has come and gone AND given my opening statement AND the fact that I am thyroidless…I have gained another 2lbs.   You do the math.  This puts at a weight gain of 7lbs which is a no no in my weight obsessed world.

Yes, I am obsessed.  Why? A year and half ago, I was not happy with who I was as a person, a girlfriend, a friend, a  sister, a daughter.  Yes, there were other circumstances going on in my life that I was depressed about.  That is a whole other blog to be discussed at a later date or NEVER!  But I never want to weigh what I did back then.  I didn’t want to look in the mirror.  And forget about going shopping.  Nothing I tried on looked good!  I was…simply put.  FAT!  For being 5′ 1″. 

I am going to do something about this 7lbs with or without my little friend  I like to call a thyroid.  I went to the gym today after a two month hiatus.  And guess what? 

I love having sore stomach muscles!



Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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