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A relaxing way to end the day

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I baked today from 2:00pm until 7:30pm.  All for a friend who needed to give out Christmas gifts tomorrow at her holiday work party. I baked 10 batches of biscotti.  Thirty eggs, 20 cups of flour, 10 cups of sugar, etc later.  I am all done.  I didn’t mind baking for her.  That’s just the kind of person I am.  And guess what?  The baking is not done.  I will be baking my famous pumpkin rolls on Saturday to give out on Sunday for Christmas.  There are just certain people who appreciate it and expect it. 

Anywho, after all the baking, the kitchen was cleaned and I started to make dinner.  I threw together baked rigatoni with chicken fennel sausage and artichokes in a bechamal sauce with smoked fontina and smoked mozarella chesse.  Not the healthiest of meals but it’s all I could come up with when I opened my refrigerator.  I balanced it out with a salad which I ate more of than pasta.  It was delicious.  Especially with a bottle of wine!

To end my day, I was debating to go out for a drink and decided to stay in instead. Instead?  Instead, I took a bubble bath.  You see. My bathroom has a jacuzzi…a bathtub with jets.  I ran a hot bubble bath, grabbed a book I have been reading, and my glass of wine and relaxed until all the little bubbles faded away. 

After being on my feet all day, it was the perfect way to end my end!

As E would say….Good night Irene!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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