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Rude people

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Today is a day of baking!  YIPPY!  I went to Safeway this morning to get some ingredients.  I was in one of the aisles looking at rice.  No, not for baking!  I just happened to go down this aisle to look if the rice I like was on sale.  It was!  Score!  So I was standing there deciding which variety to get.  And all of the sudden I hear whistling.  I am completely ignoring it or oblivious to it.  Maybe because I am so excited the rice is on sale.  The whistling continues.  It wasn’t a “hit-on” you whistle.  More like a “hey” whistle.  As if to get someones attention.  Then I hear someone say, “Hey!”  I look over and there is an older man and his wife standing there.  Maybe in his sixties.  I make eye contact with the man and he says, “I am trying to get through.”  Apparently, my cart was blocking the aisle ever so slightly.  Did I just hear him correctly?  Did he just say, “I am trying to get through.”  I move my cart over and this is the conversation that occurred:

Him: “I am trying to get through.”
Me: “Well, ‘Excuse me’ would have worked.”
Him: Well, I am trying to get through.
Me:  “I understand that.  But you could have said ‘Excuse me’ instead of whistling at me. And being so rude.”

He and his wife pass me and begin to speak Mandarin to each other.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were talking shit about me.  But come on!  Don’t people have any manners these days?   Why do people have to be so rude?  Didn’t his mother teach him any manners?  Are we living in a society with people who forgot what it means to be cordial to strangers? To hold a door open for someone else.  To say “Sorry.”  To say “Please.”  To say “Pardon me.”  To say “Excuse me.”  To say “Thank you.”  Or just to smile at someone when you pass them in the street.  What happened to just being kind to one another?

People can be so unpleasant at times!



Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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