Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

In living color

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Only I can change my fate.  By my decisions.  By my actions.  By my way of life.  And I have to admit, the path I am now on looks hopeful and exciting.  It’s stimulating!  It’s invigorating!  It’s somewhere I thought I would never be a year ago.  It’s amazing how things have change.  How feelings can evolve into something you thought could never exist.  Feelings that I thought I wouldn’t have for a long time to come.  But you caught me off guard.  You were…or should I say are a nice unexpected surprise.  Like the dozen roses you gave me on Friday.  Like the shopping spree.  Like dinner.  You are so many things I want and need in my life.  You make me feel new again.  You make me feel ALIVE!

That’s it!  I am finally living!

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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