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I can’t seem to find the time to blog.  And the fact that I have been up since 6AM this morning (thanks to A) gives me a good reason AND time to blog.  But the crazy thing is so much has happened and changed in my life, I don’t even know where to begin.  I will keep this one simple.  I have no time to blog.  “Why?”  You may be asking.  Because I get up in the morning either at 5:30AM if I stay at A’s or 7:00AM if I stay at home.  But then again, when he stays the night at my house, I have to set my alarm for him to go to work at 5:30AM.  So I guess I am really up every morning at 5:30AM.  But not so productive until later in the morning.  Sorry, I side tracked as usual.  But that is how my brain works!

So I get up and go to work.  Work providing nursing care to children with special needs in the school setting.  God, I sound like my resume!  I have been super busy applying for a new job since July 18th will be my last day of work.  YES! I QUIT!  Ok, sidetrack again.  That will be in another blog!  I only work for 6 hours a day and by the time I get off the short yellow bus (yes, I ride the bus with the children), I am exhausted.  People ask me “How am I exhausted?”  Well let me tell you…you try dealing with a special needs classroom with kids and staff who scream and talk loud all day.  IT’S EXHAUSTING!  So I drag my ass home and take a nap.  Yes, a nap!  Then I wake up, shower and leave again either to A’s house or Y’s house or just out!

I am never home.  My to-do list that I keep re-writing over and over again has the SAME THINGS still written on it.  I keep re-writing:

1. File paperwork
2. Scrapbook for Kimberly
3. Scrapbook for Nancy
4. Go to Trader Joes
5. Go to Stonestown

These have been on the list for a month.

Here is what I was supposed to get done while on vacation:

1. Getting my car fixed…tune up, oil change and brakes done! Did it and spent $700 in the process.
2.  Looking for a new job.  Done.  Applied for a crap load!
3.  Filing my paperwork in my office that has been piling up for a long long time.  Not so much!
4.  Hang the boards I bought for my office.  Not so much!
5.  Bracket my bookshelf in my office before it topples over.  Not so much but A did buy me the brackets!
6.  Get a membership at the gym so I can look fabulous for Mexico. Starting working out at home instead.
7.  Renew my nursing license.   In the process.
8.  Finish photo album for my best friend.  DONE!
9.  Start scrapbook for my best friend.  Not so much!
10. Finish scrapbook for my sister.  Nor so much.
11.  Go to Costco.  DONE! And spent $500!  Don’t ask!
12.  Get my hair done AGAIN!  Postponed it!
13.  Get my nails done and pedicure.  Done!
14.  Buy myself an outfit for m birthday!  DONE!
15.  Go to Social Security office.  DONE!
16.  And somewhere in between all that, I am going to celebrate my birthday and have some fun!  SURE DID!

I should really have no excuse as to why I still have a to-do list.  Since I was off for a week.  But all I recall doing was applying for jobs online.  I think the week I was off, I applied for 10 jobs.  My goodness!  And I applied for 4 more  this morning.  At least I did get some things done!

So to sum it up…having a boyfriend and a social life has caused me not to have time to blog or complete my to-do list which I keep recreating!

Blogs to look forward to:

1.  Disneyland trip scheduled for next weekend with A
2.  The job hunt continues
3.  My lost cat
4.  My boss
5.  My spectacular birthday
6.  Hot Sauce obsession
7. New blog website

So much for keeping this blog simple!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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