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does it really matter?

Yawn is my middle name

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Insomnia has consumed me once again.  It was about a few years back when I could  not sleep.  No matter how exhausted I was.  It lasted several months.  I would not be able to fall asleep UNTIL the sun came up or just right before.  I even got into bed at a reasonable time in order to allow myself sufficient time to fall asleep.  But always, the inevitable happened.  A toss here.  A turn there.  Change to a cold pillow.  Get water.  Try again.  Watch something on television.  FYI: there is nothing on after midnight that is NOT an infomercial.  The next thing I knew, shadows casted on my bedroom walls began to fade.  The wind finally died down and the birds were singing a morning song.  Oh, it must be bed time.  Now?  Yes, now.  That is when I would fall asleep.  Anywhere between 3:30am-5:00am. 

Well here we go again.  It has been for a little more than two weeks.  I find that I am averaging 2-4 hours of sleep a night.  I have to admit, it is a little better than the previous time.  I physically have made changes for the better.
        1.  Started working out for an hour a day
        2.  Started eating better
        3.  Switched from coffee to tea (which is now back to coffee since this insomnia thing started)
        4.  Lost 8 pounds
        5.  And quit smoking

THE PROBLEM:  My mind won’t let me sleep.  Don’t you wish there was an off button where your mind was just blank?  No thoughts of anything.  Not about work, money, relationships, family.  NOTHING.  Just utter, complete silence.  I can just imagine it too. It’s reminds me of crickets.  Yeah…crickets.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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