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The one that got away

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I was going through a box of old memories and came upon this poem.  It’s from someone who will always hold a special place in my heart.    It amazes me how someone could feel this way about me.  Me.  Every time I think of him, a tear comes to my eye and I think after you read the poem he wrote me, you will understand why.  I can honestly say, he is the one that got away.  Don’t we all have one of those?  I wonder if I am anyone’s "the one that got away."  I guess I will never know.

Dated: September 30, 1999

Last night I awoke with my heart jumping out of my chest
With tears in my eyes, I could not face this test.

I screamed out loud for the love of my life,
If I could not be with her, how could I get through this night?

Something deep inside pulled me within,
Next thing I remember, I was looking in.

At a beautiful girl sleeping in a bed alone.
Although she was not mine anymore, I felt at home.

She awoke with a startle, then silence crept.
I reached out for her and there, I wept.

In arms so warm, the cold night went away.
I was safe with her love, for one more day.

As I spoke and I cried, she kissed my face,
Like no one before, this is our special place.

We made love in a trance we felt so long ago.
Time seemed to stand still under the moonlights glow.

She kissed so passionately that I felt I was on air,
For the time with my love, I had not one single care.

If our time is over and we must go our separate ways,
The nights like last night will help me through my lonely days.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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