Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

I can admit to wrongdoing

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It was just my mistake thinking you cared.  It was just my mistake thinking you’d be there.  That you’d be by my side.  And that you wouldn’t lie.  Something, call it instinct…told me to run the other way. It would never amount to anything.  Why do I always push those initials feelings so deep down inside me that they become lost somewhere in me?  They have always been there and I ignore it over and over again. I guess just  being me… me…the one with the big, giving heart… I stuck around just in case I wrong.  I was a fool for you, right from the start.  I was hoping for a spark…for some kind of sign that you would be mine.  And you were for a short while.

It was just my false hope thinking we’d last.  Forgot all your pests.  All those girls you denied and smashed up hearts you hung out to dry.  I just thought I was someone special, different, someone good enough to make you "see the light."  To see what a real relationship was suppose to be like.  I thought it would be different since I let my heart and soul ride in your hands.  But I was wrong.  Everything was crushed.

Every relationship you are in is for a reason.  It is to learn something from it or about yourself.  I learned from my last relationship that I would never hang on.  It’s wrong hanging on too long.  It’s useless and not to mention painful.  Like the book says, "It’s called a breakup because it’s broken." 

So I am taking these broken pieces and putting them together.  This time with superglue.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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