Whatever you say,

does it really matter?



Throughout recent days, I have been feeling a bit restless and unsettled without really knowing why.  Stresses in my life appear to be churning up repressed resentments from the past that I need to release.  Mainly, I am resenting decisions I have made.  I resent myself for being where I am in my personal life right now.  I resent losing "the one" so many years ago.  I resent a whole damn lot!  It’s been good for me to try to discern exactly what these stresses are reminding me of.  Memories of my past failed relationships keep coming to mind.  I will reap the benefits of the release of repressed resentments.  I will work through these one at a time.  My plan is staying zen, and just let it happen.  If that is possible.

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “Resentments

  1. Keep your head up!
    We love you! You can and will get through it! You will find the “one” when you least expect it!
    Love Brittany

  2. Go easy on yourself
    We all wonder how we got to this place in our lives….it is the journey that is important right…although sometimes lonely along the way. Focus on yourself and the one will come in his good time. Don’t beat yourself up too much…….I am sure “the one” has a few regrets of his own even though he may never admit them to you. Working through yours will help you to not repeat them. That is the goal right progress not perfection!
    Love you
    Char Char and Mom

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