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Techno world


My cell phone was stolen today!  Yeah me!  I stupidly left it on my desk when I went to the office to fax something.  Now, let me explain something to you.  My office is located in the Wellness Center (we don’t call it A Health Center) at the high school I work at.  It is one large room.  It consists of a large table in the center where all the students hang out throughout the day.  And two desks in the back…one is mine, the other is the social workers.  So I left the Wellness Center, forgot my phone and returned to find that one of the many students that come and go has swiped it.  People can be so inconsiderate.

Needless to say, I am pissed at myself for leaving it unattended and I am pissed at the student who took it.  I don’t care about the phone or who took it.  I just care about the SIM card and texts that I have saved over the year that can never be replaced. 


I have been fighting insomnia so when I realized my phone was stolen, I lost it and completely broke down in tears…AT WORK people.  Thank goodness I controlled myself until I was out of the Wellness Center because the last thing I needed was to have these students see their nurse cry.  Even though, I think a few students did see me tear up at one point.

The entire school knew "someone stole the nurses phone."  Security even patted down a few students.  The principal and other staff members questions all the "regulars."  To no avail, by the end of the school day, my phone was never returned.  And to think I am there caring for these students and they cannot even respect me or my personal property.  Like I said, I blame myself for the incident.

But it made me think, what did people do before cell phones?  Hmmmm

Author: Michelle

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3 thoughts on “Techno world

  1. Hey!! Long time no talk or see! I do have to tell you that my phone totally broke and died and I was told there was no possible way to fix it, my warranty just expired, and i wasn’t elligible for an upgrade- I broke down and cried right there in the Verizon store. You’d have thought someone died I was so upset. Our lives are in those phones…

  2. I forgot to sign.

  3. UGH
    That pisses me off that they took your phone. What pisses me off even more is that these kids are not raised good enough to know how important it is to respect people’s property. ~Brittany

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