Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Missing a puzzle piece


My friend wrote a blog titled "Lonely at Heart". She was 100% open with how she was feeling. I admire her for putting everything out there. It surprised me to read that she felt like this because how can someone be lonely when their life is filled with so much love?  Naturally, the wheels in my head started turning.

So how is this for honesty?

I am surrounded by so many friends who care about me. I have been spending endless amount of time with them on a regular basis. If it’s not one friend one day, it’s another one the next. I have friends to keep me entertained every night of the week. Regardless of my busy week night entertainment, there is something missing. There is this emptiness I feel when I am with them or not with them. It’s like there is a void somewhere in me and I don’t know what to do to fill it. Or even how to fill it.  All I know is I want to erase this emptiness on my own.  I don’t want someone else coming into my life to fill it.  It is something I have to do for myself and by myself.

The question at hand is:  How can I fill it when I don’t even know what "it" is?

I have misplaced the last piece of the puzzle and it sucks. 


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “Missing a puzzle piece

  1. I’m totally there with you right now.
    That’s how I tend to feel alot.

  2. Hi
    I am sorry you still feel something missing. I feel like life just gives us this major road bumps. I am reading books and writing in my journal hoping to get my inner-self at peace. We should really do coffee soon. 🙂

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