Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

How to know if a girl likes you…

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This would be for all my male friends who have no clue if I girl likes them. Taken from recent observations.

Watch the way she looks at you. If she keeps looking at you, she just might like you.
Are you that blind? Just looking into her eyes should tell you she wants you. She wouldn’t stop staring at you any time you opened your mouth to speak, let alone burp.

If she flirts with you WAY too much, she probably likes you.

Flirting would consist of leaning back against something and smiling, attempting to look sexy.  Or stroking some body part of her own, like her chest while gazing into your eyes pretending to be interested in what you are saying.

If she acts weird when you come near her, she might like you. Watch her behavior when you are talking to her.
Yeah about that.  She just might not know how to act around you so you won’t catch on that she likes you.

If she wants to pair you up with someone or says "I know who likes you," then she probably likes you.
I think it goes both ways.

If she constantly tries to get close to you or touches you, she probably likes you.
Practically sitting on your lap would be a good sign.  Or touching your arm every time you said something funny.  Or when someone said, "Picture," she was in every single one of them WITH you.

If she turns red when you come near her or when you talk to her, that means she likes you.
She wasn’t wearing blush.  ‘Nuff said

Make friends with her close friends. They might say something about her liking you. Talk and flirt a little with them. If she gets mad with other people, then you know she likes you.
This was accomplished successfully.  If you decided to talk to someone else, the stares from across the room stating "What are you doing? Why are talking to her?  Look at me!  Pay attention to me!" was written all over her face.

Start a small conversation with her and her friends. Try to notice these things:
1.  If she keeps trying to get close to you or tries to hold your hand, she likes you.
2.  If she is confident, they will match your voice tone and will act like she does with her friends.
3.  If she is shy, her voice tone might be a little higher or lower depending on what she acts like.   She might smile and laugh nervously at your jokes. She will probably start playing with her hair.

Have you heard of the expression "white on rice." It was kinda like that.  ‘Nuff said.  No one else was allowed to come near unless you were male.  Being shy was definitely not at option.  Maybe it was all the alcohol consumed throughout the night. 

If she says she likes you, then she likes you!

I think that was the one thing that wasn’t said. However, from all of the above, there should have been  flashing neon signs.

So guess what?  She either:
1. Was completely drunk and flirtatious or
2. Really does like you!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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