Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Honda woes


linds_sunshine7 has recently had car trouble and I think she has officially rubbed it off on me.  Now I know how she feels.  I am at work and had to move my car for street cleaning.  As I am waiting there for the street sweeper to go by, I am listening to my radio with my lights on.  No more than 10 minutes went by before the street sweeper came.  I attempted to start my car to no avail.  It chugged and made all these awful noises.  I tried again and again and it finally started.  I putted into a parking space in front of work.  I am thinking I drained the battery a little waiting.  I hope that is all it is.  Then as I am letting my car get some juice so it doesn’t die, an idiot backs into my car REALLY REALLY HARD.

Here is the conversation…

Me: (while sitting in my car):  "Are you fucking kidding me?"

The Idiot:  "Sorry."

Me:  "Did you not see me?"

The Idiot:  "No.  I’m sick!"

Me: "Really?  That is your excuse?"

The Idiot:  "Look, there is no damage."

Me:  (I walk to the front of my car to take a look.)  "Yeah!  That is what bumpers are for!"

The Idiot: "Sorry."

Me: mumbling walking away, "What an idiot!  How do you not see me when there is no other car on the road since it WAS street cleaning.  I don’t think being sick makes you an idiot!" 

I proceeded to walk back into work.  I just hope my car starts when I get back into it this afternoon.  Pray for me!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

5 thoughts on “Honda woes

  1. Awwww……I think we’re in the same boat now!:( I guess that makes two of us.
    Know what happened to me today? It will make your “wreck” sound better. I’m on the road and this stupid ass in front of me is going like 5 miles an hour (one of my biggest pet peeves is people who drive TOO SLOW!!!) Anyways, I’m like right on his tail (cause that is how I am if someone is driving TOO SLOW in hopes of them to speed up) and the guy like breaks twice immediately without warning. (I seriously think he was doing that unpurpose to make me run into him so he could prove I was “following too closely” or whatever….:O
    Anyways, as we get to the intersection, he gets out of his car and shouts at me to “Get the fuck off his ass” Of course, I played back by blaring my horn in his face as he turned the other way. Stupid fucker! GOD I WISH I COULD HAVE TOLD HIM TO “FUCK OFF JERK!” Seriously, I SO wanted to say that but of course my window was up and there was NO WAY I was rolling it down!:/

    • Ok, my little fender bender is nothing like your story but I did have something similar happen to me. I guy chased me off a freeway to yell at me. Some people are just crazy!

  2. Oh my goodness.
    That’is absolutely ridiculous.
    Good luck with that. D:

  3. As my best friend and I oft lament “People suck!” lol That’s the best I can do for today but in cases like these it is so true!

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