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Garfield in the house

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I was siting at my desk.  It is a simple desk.  It’s really a table I turned into a desk.  It has a lamp, a canister which houses my pens, pencils and scissors, a mail organizer, and a magazine holder which sits at the edge of the desk.  Leaning against the wall is a magnetic white board which holds pictures and notes that are dear to me.  On that white board, not too long ago, held a picture of me and Ad, which no longer resides there.  Where is it?  I am getting to that…

My cat Frankie loves to jump up on my desk and sit next to the computer for the warmth.   I got annoyed when she stretched her paws over my keyboard as I was trying to navigate Facebook.  I kindly pushed her off and she moved away to the end of the desk.  This is when she thought it was a good idea to rub her head against my magazine holder.  Not more than a second later, it crashes to the hardwood floor empting its contents all over.  I got out of my chair to pick up papers, files, envelopes.  And what did I find underneath all of that?  The picture of me and Ad that I had taken down and tucked away IN MY MAGAZINE HOLDER.  I picked it up and looked at it for awhile.  But it was different this time.  This time, I didn’t cry.    I really don’t know what I felt at that point.  All I knew at that point was it has been a long time since I have seen his face or heard his voice. 

It’s a great picture!  We are hugging each other as he is planting a kiss on my cheek (we were famous for these shots).  I am staring into the camera with the biggest smile on my face.  We were on Treasure Island for his company’s 100th year anniversary party.   In the background is a view of the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge.  It was a fabulous date.  A date I think I will always remember.  Because it was a time I can actually remember being happy.

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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