Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Hello Vodka. Are you there? It’s me, Michelle.


Whenever you are waiting for a doctor to call you back with the results of a test, it is a stressful time.  Is it going to be bad news?  Good news?  Well that call came two days early.  Never a good sign.  When I answered, the doctor sounded cheerful as ever.  Maybe it was good news?  Maybe it was his personality?  Or maybe not.  That was when he said "high grade precancerous dysplasia.  We need to schedule for an another appointment as soon as possible." 

My thoughts:  Stunned.  Not again.  And it’s worse this time around.  FUCK!  Why can’t I just be healthy?  Why is it always one problem after another?  What did I do that was so wrong?  What did I do to piss God off?  I’m tired.  Exhausted.  Spent. 

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

5 thoughts on “Hello Vodka. Are you there? It’s me, Michelle.

  1. Hence why I didn’t go to the doctor for my bronchitis until my mom found me nearly passed out on the floor!
    I hate doctors.
    I’m sorry about your bad news
    I support you ❤

  2. I’m really sorry about the news. I wish there was something I could say to make it better. Sadly I know the frustration of wanting to just be healthy! *HUGS* Here any time you want to vent hon.

  3. I am soo sorry friend. If you need us, we are here!! But I know what you mean about that shitty feeling and anxiousness of waiting to hear results!

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