Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Funeral #2


Just when I was crashing from this mornings funeral, I had to attend another this evening.  It was for my cousin who passed away unexpectedly.  The only thing I want to share is a poem his wife shared with us. 

Here We Are

I’ve held your hand and walked with you
Uphill and down along life’s pathway.

We’ve journeyed far. 
Now here we are.

Near the end of the road, your hand in mine holding tight.
We’ll not stumble or fall.  The sun shines upon our path.  The end is in sight.

You will leave me, I’ll walk along.
But, you’ll leave behind enough of you to see me through.

Until one day, my turn will come.
Once more, we’ll walk hand in hand, husband and wife.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “Funeral #2

  1. Two furneals in one day? I hope you don’t start having bad luck. What happened this time? Sorry, bout your cousin….

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