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Anonymous Commentator


Dear Anonymous Commentator,

I am sorry that you are so deeply troubled by some pain I have caused you.  I do not know what I have done to upset you so badly.  It saddens me you are so hurt that you find the need to read my blog and comment on it.  I understand it is your outlet to vent your frustrations out on me.  But I must say, you speak very vicious words that are quite untrue.  You stated something along the line of "being in high school."   I find it high school-ish that you cannot tell me how you really feel about me in person.  Obviously, you must be frightened or threatened by my existence that you have to post  anonymously on my blog.  You claim I know who you are.  Really?  Do I?  If I did know who you were, don’t you think I would have approached you by now to discuss this nonsense?  So with that said, I have no idea who you are.   But I would like to handle this manner like two adults.  Let’s discuss what  is causing you to be so bitter and "pathetic." It is fine that you do not like me.  I cannot be liked by all.  But just because you don’t like me, does not give you the right to make up statements about me to fulfill your needs to appear to be the better person.  So when you are ready to come out of hiding and handle this like an adult (cause I can only assume you are not in high school but act like it) then I am ready to talk.  If you do not want to let me know who you are that is fine too.  But the lies really need to stop because you know they are just that.  Lies.

In the meantime, I hope you learn how to deal with and accept the pain I have inflicted on you so that you can live a happier life and not be so consumed with hating me.  I hope one day you can find some peace within your head and in your life.

Curious as to who you are and what I have done to piss you off


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

18 thoughts on “Anonymous Commentator

  1. Wow! I do not know where you are getting this information from but..lies, lies and more lies. Yet, you still won’t reveal who you are. Why is that?

    • If it is lies why did you remove all the names of the women you befriended because you felt guilty for sleeping with their man. LOL YOUR A JOKE MICHELLE. LOL AGAIN WHEN YOU ADMIT THE TRUTH, WHICH MUST HURT SO BAD, THEN MAYBE I WILL REVEAL WHO I AM!!

  2. WOW
    Hello to all that read this blog! I would just like to say that there have been rumors that Michelle hooked up and had sex with my husband Aaron. Prior to Aaron and I getting together, we had exstensive discussions about who he slept with and who I slept with! Believe me, Michelle was not on that list. Aaron said that him and Michelle have always been great friends and that there was occasional flirting when they were BOTH single but that was that. He has no reason to lie to me and his little black book does not lie!! So I don’t know where this info has come from, but my husband is available for questioning whenever! =)
    Love always,
    Brittany Ibarra

    • Re: WOW
      HELLO thats what “befriending” means, so you don’t think she is perfect and innocent. Befriend them so they couldn’t ever think it was you.. OH NOT HER SHE WOULD NEVER
      please its in her character to lie and deceive. and just because Aaron may not want to sleep with her doesnt mean she wont keep trying. She will push and push and push til she gets what she wants…..the pleasure of a nut and the pleasure in fucking over her friends.

      • Re: WOW
        I asked Aaron again today if Michelle had ever tried to be overly aggressive and hook up with him and he said that they may have flirted but that was the extent of it. I can only speak from my situation….but I am curious whether or not she slept with your husband or your boyfriend?

      • Re: WOW
        My beef is not with you, it’s simply a warning to her and to her “friends” to be carefull, all she does sleep with other peoples boy friends or husbands and she has cheated on all her boyfriends, Now is that a trust worthy person like she portrays herslefi in her blog? I thibk not. If michele would have kept my original comment you would see that the topic is going off track. I merely said she is not the nice trust worthy person she claims herself to be.

      • Re: WOW
        “I find this pure entertainment in that your blog is pack of lies, and it’s so funny to read your fake story every day.” <— You realize how pathetic you sound. You. ARE. A. Stalker. You need help.
        You’re “Home wrecker, slut, wha wha I’m a baby” comments are losing validity every time you post. I’m waiting to laugh at the next one. Amuse me with something that actually has truth to it. Example: (just in case you can’t think of any) – your name – The name of the “husband” – why you’re so scared to say your name.

      • Re: WOW
        and you are doing what exactly….ummmm stalking my comments….right…let Michelle fight her own battles. Or is she soooo ashamed of the truth that she can’t?

      • Re: WOW
        Just like you’re fighting someone else’s battles? Dumb ass! lol
        Michelle is MY friend, not yours… so YOU look pathetic, not me.
        Get help.

      • Re: WOW
        I wouldn’t admit that so proudly if I were you…Birds of a feather flock together….you are the company you keep.SO u must be trash.

      • Re: WOW
        Which one is true?
        ” Opposites attract ”
        “Bird of a feather flock together?”

      • Re: WOW
        Ohhh now i get it….beeyourself you are one of the “special children” aren’t you.. Yes so smart.
        If opposites attrack are you saying that you are the HO and MIchelle is the good one??? LMAO In my eyes shes the WHORE and You must be the SAINT.
        So your just called your friend a WHORE, becase opposites attrack right.

      • Re: WOW
        I’m the whore 😦
        It’s sad… but it’s better than stalking I suppose 🙂
        (My last comment)
        I heard that if you give into a stalker in a positive or negative way, it fuels their fire. I hope you get the help you so desperately need.
        God Bless America!

      • Re: WOW
        I hope you and Michelle get all the Valtrex you need to control that lil problem.

  3. Look at what missed while I was at work! Work. What a concept. It obvious you don’t since you were so quick with the responses.
    It is apparent that you are WAY MORE bothered by things that may or MAY NOT have happened in regards to my life.
    I don’t need anyone to fight my battles for me. It’s called having friends. But you seem to be fighting a battle for someone else or within yourself. Anyone who projects this much anger and bullshit onto someone else has their own issues they need to be dealing with.
    I know what Valtrex is because I’m a nurse (not a whore like you think). So what is your excuse? Hmmm!
    So what do you think about manana?

    • Question
      Hey this is Brittany again, but how do people put titles up when they leave comments? Beeyourself and Michele all have titles when they leave a comment and mine come up annonymous! Sorry I am not computer literate so please advise! =)

      • Re: Question
        There are 3 options to chose from when leaving a comment. Beeyourself1 and I are LJ users that is why you see our names. Maybe you would have to create an account or use an open id. 🙂

    • Well pin a rose on your nose….you’re a nurse. I am sure you have all the access you need to Valtrex then. Remind me what school you are a nurse at so I dont send my children there…..cross contamination is a bitch would hate for my child to come home with some shit the nurse gave em.

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