Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

I wanna go to camp!


I am a school nurse..if you didn’t know that.  This means I have a fabulous schedule.  The summer off!  YAY!  Even though I still get paid through the summer, I thought it would be a good idea to get a summer job to have EXTRA income.  I applied for a couple of camp nurse jobs and I have a phone interview in the morning.  The job description and schedule looks sooooooooooooo easy.  It consists of me handing out medication and more medication and more and more.  Do you really need a nurse to do that?  How hard can it be to open a bottle and hand one pill to a child?  Anyway, it is a 6 week camp and $6K later.  I can’t complain.  OH OH!  One more thing, it is a residential camp which means I have to stay overnight.  What do I do about my cats for six weeks????  I feel horrible leaving them for that long.  Poor Kitties!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “I wanna go to camp!

  1. Hey! What happened to your picture? 😦
    I didn’t know you were a school nurse! Do you work at a grade school or middle school or high school?
    You don’t have to work during the summer???? You suck!!!!:P
    Camp sounds good but what should you do with your kitties???:(

  2. I would say research pet sitters unless you have friends that are willing to take come over and take care of them for you while you are gone. There are pet sitter associations that you can check through. I have a friend locally that is a professional pet sitter…I can ask her what the association is if you want. That is one of the nice things about cats, they don’t have to be taken out to walk etc. and are happy if someone comes by once a day or so…least most cats are. Mine however are the poster children for CODA and need daily large doses of loving.

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