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does it really matter?

To hit or not to hit?

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Remind me again why drunk people always want to start a fight?  A drunk bitch, I mean girl, attempted to start a fight with me while I was out trying to enjoy a birthday drink or two.  The reasoning behind it was STUPID and so was she!  FYI:  This is a girl who stood up on the bar and let the bartender hit her on her bare ass with a paddle stick!  WTF?  It’s not Coyote Ugly…even though she was ugly.  No one wants to see her nasty ass while trying to enjoy a drink!  I took the high road, I walked away.  I am much too old, mature and wise to be fighting trash, right?

How old is too old to be getting into brawls at your local bar? Or anywhere for the matter?

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

One thought on “To hit or not to hit?

  1. I am gonna go with too old is at the very least 18 for the bar and everywhere else. Fights never actually solve a problem…and this coming from a woman who taught full contact martial arts for years. You actually want to solve a problem, a fight won’t do it. IMHO

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