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Today is my birthday or should I say was since it is the end of the day.  It was also my first day at my new summer job.  Being a site nurse at a camp is going to be Ah-MAZING.  I met so many people today that I think will be fun getting to know.  They vary in ages, backgrounds and come from all over the United States!  It is an eclectic group of people to say the least and they are quite enjoyable! 

Thank goodness my roommate is cool.  Here is why…. I mentioned to her I was going to buy flowers for the kitchen table since our apartment looks so sterile and stale.  She bought be fake flowers today in a vase.  It totally brightens up the room and will last the whole 7 weeks!  I love them!  And she also bought me a lint brush.  I know this all sounds silly but I asked if she had one this morning and she said no.  So she bought me one.  Isn’t that thoughtful?  I thought so! 

Anywho, today was a day of hard labor.  I moved I don’t know how many desks, dressers, bookcases and chairs.  Can’t forget the endless boxes too.  I am staying on campus at a University.  We converted dorm rooms into offices so that is why we were moving furniture around all day.  After all the moving, guess what came next? Unpacking all those boxes! 

In the end, the health office, infirmary and my office were all set up.  I am excited that I get my own office.  I feel like such a professional.  I put a couch in there too so I can take naps when no one is looking.  šŸ˜€

I think I am really going to enjoy my summer and my co-workers! 


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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