Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

Emergency Landing

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Before you I was like Cheeta, I always played. Years before us, I tasted a bit of love and fell flat on my face.
Before you I was like a cat… a scary cat, afraid to be heartbroken and lose someone I took the risk to love.
You came in my life, and convinced me it was okay to fall. You gave your word and promised you would be here no matter what.
I remembered as I was falling, I was heading toward a massive airplane. Just when I was about to crash, you caught me; and I landed safely in your arms. On top of this huge airplane, we felt as if we were sitting on top of the world. Upon the plane, I lay and you lay with me; I ate and you ate with me; I prayed and you prayed with me.
We had got tired of the blue sky’ and white cotton clouds and wanted to be with the daisies. Knowing you were there for me, I jumped from the airplane, but you did not jump with me.
You didn’t catch me.
You weren’t there. Instead you stayed on the plane to catch someone else, while I was falling chest first unprepared to hit land. When I crashed my chest bust opened , my heart rolled out and busted into pieces. You knew my heart was cracked, so you fixed me up just to destroy me again. I collected all the pieces I was able find.
Time was my super glue.
When I had most of the pieces, time glued them back together. I placed my fragile little heart back where it belonged, closed my chest and sewed me back together.
That day was the day I told myself to never open up my chest for any soul. I can’t help feeling sorry for the happy openhearted girl above me, sitting on top of the plane feeling as if she on top of the world. Just like I felt. Just like I, she will experience heartbreak. I just hope she doesn’t fall chest first.



Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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