Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

My Ah-ha moment

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I had a conversation with you yesterday and it was as if the skies opened up.  You came over unexpectedly to visit me, which was a nice surprise.  I was ready to take a nap and you were ready to talk.  Sacrificing my nap was well worth it. 

It was a simple conversation about past relationships and what is expected in relationships.  I related to you on a level I didn’t think existed between us.  We are from two different worlds.  Regardless, it was as if you were in my head and speaking my thoughts out loud.  To hear you say, "Why would anyone intentionally do something they know is ruining our relationship? I just don’t get it!"


It was a slap in the face and the ah-ha moment I needed so desperately to have.

Who would have thought one simple question would make me have an ah-ha moment that would change my life LITERALLY?

I don’t think I said this to you then but I will say it now:
Thank you!
Thank you for coming over unexpectedly. 
Thank you staying and not leaving!
Thank you for giving me hope!

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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