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Data mining the heart

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The moment of attraction between two people used to be an unpredictable and mysterious event: a mutual spark felt in a glance exchanged at a party, a spontaneous meeting at a coffee shop, or a connection blooming gradually through work or a social network. But the Web has streamlined the dating process, concentrating singles into enormous online pools with a structured framework for searching and interacting. You can now go looking for attraction as easily as you can shop for shoes. The result is a dating scene based more on searchable features than on je ne sais quoi. Before that first glance is ever cast in person, two people often already know each other’s age, height, religion, political leanings, hobbies, and favorite bands. They have usually exchanged e-mails and decided whether or not the other person is worth pursuing. And unlike a private conversation in a bar, all of it has been recorded.

Data mining the heart, The Boston Globe


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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