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Then vs. Now

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It has been  a long time since I have ridden a bus on a daily basis.  The last time I did was in high school.  Then I got my license and didn’t even think twice about riding public transportation unless deemed necessary (Giants games).  Starting today, I will be commuting to work on public transportation!

It amazes me how things have changed.

THEN (1993) vs. NOW (2010)

Then: Cost $1 per trip         Now: Cost $2 per trip

Then: $35 Muni pass           Now: $60 Muni Pass

Then:     Now:  

Then: Fast pass                    Now:  Clipper card

So I walked down to

which hasn’t changed at all besides the paint yet, the door still remain green.  The smell is still the same.  It’s the smell of an old, musty building combined with the smell of rubbing metal and electricity radiating from below where the trains run.  The swinging door are just as impossible to push open as they were back in the day.

I struggled pushing open the door, scooted my way in quickly before the door hit me from behind. I quickly looked for the turn-style with the Clipper Card symbol.  I swiped my card like it showed in the picture.  “EEEEH!!!” screamed the damn thing while flashing a red light stating “Try again.” So I did.  “EEEEEEEH!” screamed the thing again.  Are you serious? I know I have money on the damn card.  I bought the Clipper card and added money on the day before.  I have the receipt to prove it.  So why the hell was this turnstile screaming at me?  I then noticed a Clipper card machine to check your balance towards my right. I swiped my Clipper card and “EEEEEH.”  At this point I was ready to jump the turnstile but I didn’t think that would be appropriate in my business casual outfit with boots.  So I explained my story to the nice lady behind the window.  She checked my card and said it worked and let me go through the turnstile. I never saw the green light giving me the ok!

I took the elevator downstairs heading downtown.  I waited there with business men, business women, students, children and parents. I took out my Kindle, began reading while trying to drown out the noise of the man across the way heading outbound. I waited for a few minutes and got on this heading downtown.

I arrived at my work three stops later.

Today I started my new job, my new life, my new beginning and I am so excited and looking forward to all the goodness coming my way!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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