Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

My Dear Friends: The Stars Must Have Been Aligned Today

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Reasons why…

  1. Made coffee at home and saved some money.
  2. My outfit came together without a hitch
  3. Left the house on time
  4. Walked down to the Muni Station and made all the green lights
  5. Upon arriving at the platform, the train arrived and it’s doors opened right where I was waiting
  6. A cute gentleman on the bus smiled at me
  7. Made banana bread last night and shared it with my colleagues today (they enjoyed it)
  8. Received an unexpected text from a friend who has been on my mind
  9. Met said friend for lunch last minute and had a great time
  10. Confirmed plans for next Friday which I am looking forward to
  11. Upon arriving at the Muni Station after work, the train was waiting for me.  I hopped right on!
  12. On the train, I had a conversation with a stranger about how wonderful my Kindle is and convinced him to buy one!
  13. Of the two elevators, the one I was standing in front of opened first!
  14. Walking home, I saw some tagging on a wall and it read “Dominique + Anthony = Love”
  15. I smiled the rest of the way home because it brought back some really sweet memories
  16. Made a great dinner: stir fry veggies and tofu with brown jasmine rice
  17. Spent some time with my sister
  18. Now, unwinding from a day which made me smile inside and out.



Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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