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does it really matter?

Old Friends

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Each new friendship is a chance to present to the world a better version of yourself.

I think a lot of people look back in their lives on the mistakes they made, particularly with respect to relationships, and wish they could erase that part of their history.

But it’s those same mistakes make up who you are.  And they allow you to create a better version of yourself.

Old friends have seen almost as many versions of you as you have.

Sharing decades of shared stories is a fundamentally human thing.

And it’s only possible with old friends.

They aren’t bluffed, they aren’t fooled.  They cut through all the fluff that you let build up around you and remind you that it wasn’t so long ago you were crying after a game of force ‘em backs or sulking at the Tenpin Bowling alley during you 12th birthday party.

They remember when you wore hand-me downs to free dress day, when you asked out a girl for the first time.

There’s no sense of pretence with old friends.

And while new friends are sometimes better for the fact that didn’t know you way back when, they also take a longer time to develop.

I have lots of new friends and some old friends.

I get a lot of energy from the new friends.  But it’s the old ones who help remind me who I really am.

Nick Crocker-Old Friends


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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