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Bettie Page


My neighbor is getting married this weekend.  Their wedding theme is vintage/retro.  I stalled on trying to find something to wear to fit the theme.  The guests are not required to dress in vintage clothing but it was suggested.

I decided to stroll down Haight Street.  Yes, the famous Haight and Ashbury Streets of San Francisco.  This is why I love San Francisco.  DIVERSITY!  But that is a blog for another day.  Sorry, I tend to digress.

So, where was I?  Yes, I was strolling along Haight Street and saw a store called Bettie Page.  Well, DUH!  It was like a slap in the face.  Why haven’t I noticed this store before?  Maybe I don’t ever walk pass Hobson’s Choice which is located on the block before the Bettie Page shop. Obviously this is the place I need to be browsing in.

I walked in and I was in heaven. Everyone was so friendly and willing to help, which made the money I spent so well worth it.  So here is what I bought…

This gorgeous black pencil dress.  It is simple, yet elegant.  And something I would wear again and again.  The back of the dress is what I fell in love with.

A white turn over back!  BRILLIANT and sophisticated.  At least I am not wearing all white.  Don’t want to offend the bride.

Now of course, I couldn’t stop there.  It’s a simple black dress.  But I felt like it needed something more. Some sort of pop.

First of all, look how cute they wrapped my things instead of just throwing it in the bag.

This is the red belt I bought instead of wearing the black belt that comes with the dress.

And this my friends is the rose I bought to wear in my hair.  And the best part, it smells like a perfumey flower.  I wish your computer had smell-a-vision or a scratch-n-sniff computer screen because it really does smell devine!

So that is my outfit, one simple black dress, red belt, red rose and haven’t decided on my shoes yet. Red or Black?  Hmmm.

Check out Bettie Page Clothing website

for some other awesome items!

Now I am off to find a tutorial on how to do my hair!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

4 thoughts on “Bettie Page

  1. OMG! I love it!! Are you going to get the cool stockings with the lines?

  2. Love the red belt! Where did you get it?

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